Meet Aloke

Aloke Pillai is an entrepreneur and designer in Toronto. He is currently the Head of Product at Pastel, creating the next generation feedback tool for designers and agencies. He is also the co-creator of HustleCase, the whiteboard laptop case.

In 2015, Aloke helped startup studio Expa create and launch Kit, a product recommendation community, which scaled to millions of users and over $15M in products sold. In 2018, Kit was acquired by Patreon to help creators deliver products to their fans.

Previously, Aloke worked with design teams at real estate startup Compass in New York and data analytics company Mixpanel in San Francisco. He graduated from the York Sheridan Design Program and is a GSMA Mobile UX award recipient.

Aloke consults for entrepreneurs through his firm Chachu.

Tweet him @alokepillai or email.

Photo by Deepak Kanda